Catch My Song

4.6 ( 6106 ratings )
Социальные сети Музыка
Разработчик Paul CHARBIT

Do you want to know what the guy in front of you is listening to ? With Catch My Song, you can find out what people are playing around you and listen on the go. Discover new tracks, renew your playlists, and meet new music lovers based on your musical tastes.

To use Catch My Song, you don’t need any account on Spotify, Soundcloud or Deezer, you directly share the music you listen on your iPhone (including Apple Music), with all the Catch My Song users ! And if you dont have any music in your phone, you can manually add your favorite tracks.

So, if you want to meet new people or simply to discover new tracks, give it a try, it’s 100% free !

Listen to what people around you are listening to
The tab « Around me » shows you the tracks played by the users around you. You can also sort out the profiles displayed based on the age, the gender or the music style of the user.

Discover new tracks
One of the users near you is listening to a song you didn’t now ? Listen to this song and like it to save it in your playlist.

Meet new music lovers
You are wondering what could be the musical style of a user ? Check out his profile, and find out his musical style and the last 10 songs he listened to. If you like his profile, send him a contact request to be able to talk with him.

Find your Facebook friends on Catch My Song and add them to your contact list.
This list enables you to keep in touch with the users you met on Catch My Song, so you can check out the profile of your friends whenever you want to.

NB :
Album artworks and previews of tracks are provided courtesy of iTunes, as part of the use of promo content. Catch My Song does not claim ownership of any of these files.
The application only use the tracks you listen to on the music app of your device
Catch My Song uses the location services to find people around you. An important use of location services as a background task can significantly reduce your battery life.